Healthcare & Security Services


I.                  CCTV Systems


Exterior Camera Housing        Covert Cameras   Monitors

Black/White/Color Camera     Multiple Lenses    Fused Power Supplies  

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras          Multi-Plexers       Surge Protectors  

Infrared Cameras                    Quads                           

Digital video recorders for ERS, POS, ATM & motor vehicles


Vision Voice & Data Solutions can also provide secure access over the Internet,

so a company can control and view their CCTV system from anywhere in the

world they have access to the Internet.  Vision Voice & Data Solutions provides

full system integration with other security systems such as Emergency Response

Systems, Patient Wandering Systems and Perimeter Security.


II.               Access Control


Vision provides a wide array of access control systems & equipment to the

hospitality, healthcare, banking, government and corporate America. These

access control systems are used for more than just controlling access in and

out of a building or area.  The systems also perform:


Alarm Monitoring                                      Support all types of access cards     

Video Imaging and badge Identity              CCTV Interface                      

Instant & delayed egress Electomag-locks  Supports up to 25,000 card users   

Video & voice intercom systems                Complete history of end users

Door strikes,keypads,badge/card read Programmable security locks

Digital video recording & surveillance Employee access & restriction


III.           Infant Abduction & Alzheimer Patient Wander Prevention Systems/

          Nurse Call & Emergency Response Systems/Asset Tracking


Vision Voice & Data Solutions has extensive experience designing, installing

and servicing infra-red radio frequency tracking systems throughout the greater

New England and NY areas.  Vision Voice and Data Solutions specializes in

providing these systems to healthcare facilities.  The infant abduction system

places a small RF transmitter on newborn infants so that hospital staff can track

infant locations in the maternity ward.  When an infant wearing an RF and/or IR

transmitter is moved into an area secured by the infant abduction system the

following can occur:


Doors automatically lock                                    

Pagers and both wired and cordless phones alert staff

Cameras record the event at the location

Alarms sound locally and at the nurse’s station

A graphic display panel and central monitoring station identifies an infants location


The patient wandering prevention system is intended for senior care communities

and hospital nurse call systems to be used for patients afflicted by Alzheimer’s

disease.  This system uses the same technology as mentioned above.  Anyone who

is not wearing a transmitter will be able to go through doors normally.


Asset tracking is a means for banking, government, and hospitality and healthcare employers to

keep valuable equipment and devices secured.  Using this system is as easy as placing a

transmitter in computers, laptops and other office equipment to keep

them from leaving the building or secured area.  The technology used is

similar for the patient wandering prevention, nurse call and emergency

response applications.